The U of S fruit program has been doing fruit-related research and breeding for many years and has accumulated research documents in print and paper formats. The PFG seeks to make this information available to everyone by scanning the documents and posting them online.


(3.5MB) Edible Apples in Prairie Canada-Edible Apples to 1990: as grown in the Canadian prairie provinces: The Friends of the Garden, University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden

  • This is a comprehensive list of edible apples and crabapples grown on the prairies since the 1880s. The list includes a brief description and history of each apple whenever available. The document also includes a section entitled 'History of Apples on the Prairies'.

(6MB) University of Saskatchewan Fruit Introductions: C.F. Patterson-1960

  • This article was written in the 1960 after a flurry of fruit releases from the University. It includes fruit descriptions, parentage, and release numbers for all U of S releases in 1959-1960, including Plums, Apples, Pears and Cherries.

(2MB) Notes on Sandcherry x Plum Hybrids: 1965

  • Descriptions of the fruit from our Sandcherry x Plum Hybrids

(<1MB) Notes on cooking with Sandcherry x Plum Hybrids: D.R. Robinson-1966

  • Cooking tests by D.R. Robinson. Brief descriptions of physical properties of whole and processed fruit.

(2MB) Hort-Facts: Apple Cultivars: C. Stushnoff, T. Ward, Rick Sawatzky-1985

  • Some basic Horticultural instructions and brief descriptions of common Prairie Apple varieties.

Hort-Facts: Fruit Varieties: S.H. Nelson, K.C. Turner and D.R. Robinson

  • A list of recommended fruit varieties with descriptions of fruit, their relative hardiness, as well as physical fruit characteristics.
  • NOTE: The zones described are based on a 1975 "Guide to Farm Practice in Saskatchewan" (see pg 2). These are NOT the standard "Plant Hardiness Zones of Canada".
  • Some of these varieties are well known to us today, many obscure varieties as well.

Tree Fruits Grown in Prairie Orchards: W.R. Leslie



Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest

By Janice J. Schofield

The Encyclopedia of Trees: Canada and the United States
By Sam Benvie

Flora of Manitoba
By H.J. Scoggan

Forest Plants of Central Ontario: Cottage Country, Algonquin Park,Ottawa Valley, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay
By Chambers, Legasy and Bentley

What's Blooming. A Guide to 100+ Wild Plants of NorthwestTerritories
By Alexandrea Milburn

Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada
By George Barron

Plants of Coastal British Columbia including Washington Oregonand Alaska

By Pojar and Mackinnon

Plants of the Wesern Boreal Forest and Aspen Parkland

By Johnson, Kershaw, MacKinnon, Pojar

Shrubs of Ontario

By James H. Soper and Margaret L. Heimburger

Wild Berries and Fruits: Field Guide

By Teresa Marrone

Wildflowers of Newfoundland and Labrador

By Peter J. Scott and Dorothy Black

Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces: A field guide for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northern United States

By Heinjo Lahring

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