Welcome to our "Where to Buy" page. This page has a list of companies which currently produce and sell our Haskap, Cherry and Apple plants, as well as companies that distribute our plants.

Feel free to order from any of our propagators no matter which province you're in! But remember, only those propagators listed under United States Marketing Rights may sell into the United States.


The sale runs from 9am to 2pm. Go to our "Upcoming Events" page http://www.fruit.usask.ca/extension.html for more details about the sale and a listing of plants.

Propagators of U of S Varieties

  Location Crops Sell to US Sell to Europe
Adamson's Heritage Nurseries Ltd. British Columbia Cherries, Haskap Yes No
Advance Nursery Co. Ltd British Columbia Cherries No No
Agri-Forest Bio-Technologies Ltd. British Columbia Cherries, Haskap Yes No
Bylands Nurseries British Columbia Haskap, Cherries Yes No
DNA Gardens Elnora, Alberta Apples No No
FloraMaxx Technologies West Kelowna, BC Haskap yes No
Gardens Alive Lawrenceburg, IN Cherries Yes No
Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co. Greendale, Indiana Haskap Yes No
Haskap Central Sales Henribourg, Saskatchewan Haskap Yes Yes
Henry Fields seed and nursery Aurora, Indiana Cherries Yes No
Hort Couture Litchfield, MI Coleus Yes No
Mosterman Plants Inc. Chilliwack, British Columbia Cherries, Haskap Yes Yes
Pepiniere Mont-Yamaska

St. Paul d'Abbotsford, Quebec

Haskap No No
Phytoclone Inc. St Etienne des Gres, Quebec Cherries, Haskap No No
Phytocultures Ltd Charlottetown, PEI Cherries, Haskap Yes No
Prairie Plant Systems Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Cherries, Haskap Haskap No
PrairieTech Propagation Bonnyville, Alberta Cherries, Haskap Yes No
Riverbend Orchards Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Cherries, Haskap Yes No
Scott and Stewart Foresty Consultants Antigonish County, Nova Scotia Haskap No No
Shannon Oaks Tree Farm Morden, Manitoba Cherries No No
Sheridan Nurseries Georgetown, Ontario Haskap No No
Sidhu and Sons Nursery Mission, British Columbia Haskap No No
Van Belle Nursery Abbotsford, British Columbia Haskap No No
Vanstone Nurseries Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Haskap No No
Vegetolab Inc. Alma, Quebec Cherries, Haskap Yes Yes
Wind & Water Farm Manitoba Haskap No No
Young Plants Canada Elrose, Saskatchewan Cherries, Haskap No No

Yukon Berry Farms


Yukon Territory


No No


Distributors of U of S Varieties

  Location Crops Sell to US Sell to Europe
High Mountain Farm Salmon Arm, British Columbia Haskap No No
Loblaws Garden Centers Canada wide Haskap No No
Lehave Forests Blockhouse, Nova Soctia Haskap No Yes


If your company has been missed form this list please email either Justin Schaeffer (justin.schaeffer@usask.ca) or Bob Bors (bob.bors@usask.ca and we will include you.


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