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Haskap is an exciting new crop for North America. The good varieties taste something like blueberries & raspberries. The bad ones taste like tonic water! The early varieties are the first fruit crops to ripen, even before strawberries, late ones are ripe 3 weeks later.

Since receiving funding from Saskatchewan Agriculture in 2006, we have made controlled crosses resulting in thousands of seedlings. Already we see impressive results in faster growing plants and larger berries. Perhaps more exciting for us are the wonderful flavours that occur in different plants in the breeding program. Often its hard to decide which is best.

Our goal is to combine the best traits from Haskap from different regions to adapt this crop for mechanical harvesting. But we also want to have early mid and late season varieties that taste great.


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  • Click here to watch video presentations from a Haskap workshop in Salmon Arm, BC
  • Wild Honeysuckle Pictures (Lonicera Villosa)
  • Haskap on the Nautre of things. Click here to watch the Fruit Hunters episode where Haskap makes a cameo.


U of S Releases

Variety Berry Size Shape Flavour Bush Size Read more
Tundra 1.49 grams sweet/tart average Here
Borealis 1.62 grams sweet/tangy average Here
Indigo Treat 1.41 grams sweet average Here
Indigo Gem 1.30 grams sweet/tangy average Here
Indigo Yum 1.29 grams tangy/sweet average Here
Honeybee 1.9 grams tart large Here
Aurora 2.17 grams sweet large Here



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