The germplasm from our collection is made available for research and breeding purposes only. We offer germplasm in the form of scionwood or budwood. Seeds are sometimes made available on request. For individuals or groups looking to grow hardy fruits in general, see the Fruit Program's list of liscenced propagators.

Donating Genetic resources

We are receptive to germplasm sent to us from other research groups, nurseries and individuals. If there are varieties that you think should be tried in our climate, we will gladly add them to our collection. See our contact page to get in touch.

International Exchange

The Prairie Fruit Genebank is receptive to international requests whenever possible.

The Prairie Fruit Genebank also works closely with the CFIA in adhering to international restrictions and conditions as well as obtaining all necessary certification documentation for international shipments. Depending on the importing country and fruit variety, restrictions may apply to your germplasm request.

Requesting Germplasm

See our contact page to get in touch and request germplasm from our collection.

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