The Fruit Program holds workshops, tours, and and are often invited speakers at conferences. These events are designed to give commercial growers and gardeners a chance to learn, ask questions, and participate. Look below for a list of this years events. Events that are hosted by the Fruit Program are held at the field lab (scroll down for map). Click here for a more detailed map.


Upcoming Events


If you plan to attend one of our events or meetings in Saskatoon, you can get 1 or 2 free soil tests done by participating in the U of SK research project.ADF20140239 Nutritional and Soil Requirements for propagating and growing Haskap Plant



Haskap Days Extravaganza

July 19, 20, 21, 22 2017. FOUR DAYS OF HASKAP!!! Attend part or all. Locations will be at various places at the U of SK campus. Registration is being handled by Haskap Canada at More details:

July 19: Haskap school by Bob Bors. 4 hours all about haskap varieties, growing, processing, etc.

July 20: Haskap tour of U of SK breeding program. This is the annual tour which visits the 8 fields (16 acres?) of Haskap. The U of SK has the worlds largest Haskap breeding program and is likely the most diverse collection of germplasm. Each year new fields are planted so one can see haskap of all ages. Mechanical harvesting of haskap will be demonstrated.

July 21: Canada-wide Haskap Research Symposium. Researchers and extension agents from across Canada (and possibly other countries) will be presenting their research and observations. This is the first time for such a symposium, which is likely to occur annually or biannually in various locations across Canada. Growers are invited to attend and researchers are encouraged to become presenters. More details will follow in January and February. If you are an interested researcher contact Bob Bors at

July 22: Haskap Canada tour of Haskap Farms. This tour will involve visiting farms growing and processing Haskap. Starting point will be at the U of SK campus. If enough people are interested we may rent a bus, and/or could car pool. This event will be arranged and run by Haskap Canada




Cherry Field Day TOUR

Cost $25 + $5 if you want Pizza

U of SK Hort Research Fields. 2909 14th Street East, Saskatoon

IN the morning a tour will emphasize cherries but we will also look at other fruits. If weather permits, we will use the Joanna harvester on cherries and demonstrate our Tarp harvesting method. There will be a demonstration of our cherry pitter. Visitors will be able to taste the various cherry varieties in the field including new ones that may be released in a few years. After lunch we will have an open discussion on growing cherries and answer questions. The authors of "Cooking with Cherries from the prairies" may be available to talk too.


Grafting Workshop

Cost $50

U of SK Hort Research Fields. 2909 14th Street East, Saskatoon

Grafting is so much easier to learn in person especially when experts are coaching you. This workshop involves learning to propagate rootstocks, pruning trees to create quality budwood, how to gather and store budwood and doing bud grafting with parafilm. Using parafilm is cleaner, faster, and more likely for success compared to the old rubber band and grafting compound method. We will also go to the field to see examples of grafting and the stooling beds for rootstock propagation. HOw to add varieties to an existing tree will also be taught. Participants will get some parafilm and a rootstock to take home. If you have ordered budwood, this workshop will be a good time to pick it up. Bring your own lunch or we can group order something. To reserve a spot, send an email to at least 2 weeks before the event. We have to order chairs and table for this event. (If you want to show up unplanned, bring your own chair and tv tray or small table)






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