Transcendant Crab

Lineage: Unknown
Introduced by: Unknown

Grown before 1844 fruit 3-4cm. yellow- green, usually with a red cheek. Lacombe Nursery (1936), Maurer. FB3. H1.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

Tree vigorous, spreading, drooping branches, large leaves, productive where free of fire blight. Fruit medium large, roundish, ribbed, bright yellow blushed orange red, sometimes carrying thin bloom; flesh deep yellow, firm, crisp, juicy, briskly sub-acid, slightly astringent; quality good for cooking, Season September. Not recommended for prairie gardens owing to its intense susceptibility to fire blight disease, and the danger of transmitting the disease to other varieties.
-Tree Fruits Grown in Prairie Orchards, Leslie, 1946

Prairie Fruit Genebank