Lineage:Northern Queen x Rideau
Introduced by: Dr. W.M. Saunders, Dominion Experimental Farm Service, Ottawa, ON.
Date: 1911

Fruit 4cm, orange-red. Dessert and cooking, but not good for canning. Yield and quality good, vigor fair. Bruises easily. Late for some areas of the prairies. "A good crab in the 1930s" says Coutts (1991). FB1. H2-3.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

An old introduction from the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Ontario, that lacks sufficient hardiness except for the extreme southerly portions of the province .
-Hort Facts, Nelson, 1976




Trail (Experimental Farm, Ottawa, 1911, Northern Queen X Rideau) , Tree hardy, productive, roundish. Fruit to 1 7/8 inches, oblate, roundish, pale yellow washed andi striped orange red; flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, breaking, very juicy, sweetly sub-acid, sprightly, free of astringency; Quality very good as dessert, excellent for cooking, Season late August to mid-October,
-Tree Fruits Grown in Prairie Orchards, Leslie, 1946

Originated at the Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Agriculture Canada, by and introduced in 1911. The tree is vigorous, rounded to upright with good branching habit. It is hardy to Zone b but requires protection, moderately resistant to fire blight, but prone to trunk cracking, sunscald, and cankers especially during the training phase. The fruit is 4.0- 5.0 cm (1 3/4 -2") in diameter, round or slightly oblate with a small core and matures in early to mid September. The skin is pale yellow, washed and striped several shades of orange red. The flesh is yellowish, firm, crisp, very juicy, briskly, subacid, but not astringent. It is excellent for fresh eating, excellent for cooking, canning, juicing, and apple butter.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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