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Rescue x Melba

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Agriculture Canada Research Station, Morden MB


Fruit 6.5cm. or of variable size. Green-yellow with 4% red on the sunny side.
Flesh creamy-white, tinged green. Dessert, cooking. Keeps 6-8 weeks. Early ripening (mid-Aug.) Falls quite badly. Tends to produce annually. Overproductlve.
"Needs too much thinning." says Boyko (1988.) Tree compact. H1.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

A good cooking apple of medium size, greenish-yellow with a striped red blush, moderately hardy.
-Hort Facts, Stushnoff, 1985

Originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, by Dr. C. R. Ure for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected as 51-101-1 at Lacombe, tested as PF 26, and released in 1979. The tree is semi-vigorous, compact, upright spreading with a tendency to biennial bearing. It is hardy to zone 2a, and susceptible to fire blight. The fruit is medium size, 6-7 cm (2 1/2 - 3") in diameter, round oblate, regular, and matures in mid to late August. The flesh is greenish-yellow base, with 2- 40% washed and striped with red. The flesh is creamy white tinged with green, moderately acidic but pleasant. It is good for fresh eating and cooking and stores for up to 8 weeks. Note: To counter the biennial bearing habit regular annual pruning and fruit thinning is required.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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