Lineage:Haralson x Rescue
Introduced by: Agriculture Canada Research Station, Beaverlodge AB.
Date: 1975

Fruit over 5cm, green-yellow with attractive dark-red overlay. Uniform size. Good dessert. Consistently good yields. moderate vigor. High quality. Late. Good keeping. Manchester notes: "similar in many respects to Kerr, but much hardier" Subject to sunscald. H1.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

Originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, by Dr. C. R. Ure, for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected at the University of Alberta and Beaverlodge Research Station, Alberta in 1958 and introduced in 1976. The tree is moderately vigorous, upright spreading, precocious, annually productive and hardy to zone 2. The fruit is small, 5 cm (2 ") in diameter, barrel shaped to round conic, and matures in late August to early September. The skin is greenish-yellow base, and almost completely washed with dark red. The flesh is cream-coloured, crisp and juicy with a pleasant flavour. It is very good for fresh eating, good for cooking, and stores well for at least 18 weeks. Note: It has been susceptible to fire blight in Saskatchewan.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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