Accession Name:
Frostbite aka Minnesota #447

pH:3.2 - 3.4
Titratable Acidity: 0.55-0.7 % Malic Acid
Soluble Solids: 13 - 14 brix

op Malinda sdlg

Released by:
P. Gideon, Excelsior Fruit Breeding Farm, U of Minn. St. Paul MN.


Fruit 6cm, red with yellow cheek. Sweet crisp and juicy. Good yield and good keeper (as long as 10 months). Hort Guide 1960s for trial. Tested US (1912) Wright recommends as a parent. "No good at Unity," says Coutts (1991). H2-3.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

It was selected and tested in Minnesota, and used for further breeding, but never formally released. The tree is only moderately vigorous, semi-dwarf, round topped, with strong, wide-angled branching. It is hardy to Zone 2a, moderately resistant to fireblight, but susceptible to freeze injury to the lower trunk in fall. The fruit is small 5-6.5 cm (2-2 1/2") in diameter, oblate, quite regular, with a medium stem cavity, shallow basin, and a long thin pedicel; and it matures in mid to late October. The skin is tough, medium green, almost entirely striped and overlaid with dark bronze-red, and often with russetting on the stem cavity. The flesh is golden yellow, exceedingly firm and very crisp, very juicy, mild and very sweet with a hint of banana flavour. It is excellent for fresh eating, (better with long storage), excellent for sauce, and excellent for juicing. It stores well for up to a full year in a proper storage facility.
Note: Minn 447 is very susceptible to stem end cracking, and therefore requires even moisture during the fruit enlargement and maturation stages.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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