Lineage: Unknown (possibly McIntosh or Melba seedling)
Introduced by: Agriculture Canada Research Station, Morden MB
Date: ~1981


Originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, selected in 1950 and tested as M359, later tested as PF 49, and never officially named but released by the H. Temmerman, Morden Nursery in about 1980. The tree is vigorous, round topped, with bold branching, strong framework and wide angled crotches. It is hardy to Zone 3 if well protected, and resistant to fire blight. The fruit is large 7-5-8.5 cm (3-3 1/2") in diameter, slightly oblong round, and matures from mid to late September. The skin is light green and well coloured with bright red. The flesh is white, crisp, sub-acid and aromatic. It is very good to excellent for fresh eating and cooking, and stores for at least 12 weeks. Note: This cultivar is not fully hardy and benefits from top working to hardy crabapples such as Garnet, etc.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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