Accession Name:
Heyer #20

Accession Number:

Russian apple sdlg

Released by:
Alfred Heyer, Neville SK.


Fruit 7cm, yellow with pink cheek. Vigorous. Slightly later but a better keeper than Heyer #12. "Has not proven hardy at Jarvie." says Manchester. "Obsolete. A fair breeder." says Coutts(1991). Recommended by Erskine. FB2. H2-3.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

Same origin as Heyer 12 and at least as hardy.
-Hort Facts, 1976, Nelson

Similar to Heyer 12, hardier, and a more robust tree.
-Hort Facts, 1985, Stushnoff

This cultivar originated at Neville, Saskatchewan with Adolph Heyer, probably from the same seed source as Heyer 12, and was introduced commercially in 1936. The tree is vigorous, very open and spreading to somewhat pendulous. It is annually productive, hardy to zone 1 and moderately resistant to fire blight. The fruit is 7-7.5 cm (2 ½-3") in diameter, near round and matures in early season, about mid August. The stem cavity is deep, the basin shallow, and the pedicel is long and slender. The skin is thin, green to yellowish-green base, occasionally with a light pink or reddish blush. The flesh is yellowish, moderately coarse, moderately crisp, juicy and moderately acid. It is only fair for fresh eating and fair to good for cooking, but oxidizes rapidly. It stores for 2-3 weeks under ideal conditions. Note: The fruit should be picked before full maturity for storage or culinary uses.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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