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op Yellow Siberian

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W.J. Boughen, Boughen Nurseries, Valley River MB.


Fruit 4cm, flattened. red purple. Tart but good for canning and jelly. With Columbia and Osaan judged best crabapple for SK (1955). Rarely as a commercial rootstock. Vigorous stembuilder. Very strong wide-angled crotches. Manchester notes ••• "Grown at Jarvie since 1943 (48 years) and never winter killed. Frt frost hardy until late fall and keeps well. Browns badly when cut. Excellent for juices. Impossible to break limbs off the trunk... one man has 27 varieties on one Garnet at his back door." FB1. H1.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

Tree upright, strongly crotched, hardy, useful- for topworking. Fruit.
medium size, red, useful for jelly, season early October.
-Tree Fruits Grown in Prairie Orchards, Leslie, 1946

Originated at Valley River, Manitoba, by W. J Boughen, and introduced in 1930. The tree is very vigorous, round topped, with a very strong framework, strong crotches, and excellent branching habit. It is hardy to Zone 2a, and highly resistant to fire blight. The fruit is small to medium size, 4 cm (1 5/8") ) in diameter, oblate, (almost bell shaped with a shallow stem cavity, flat bottom and shallow basin), somewhat blocky and ribbed, and matures in early October. The skin is light green covered totally with dark red, and a moderate bloom. The flesh is yellow, crisp, sweet, nutty-flavoured, and somewhat astringent. It is fair for fresh eating, excellent for jelly and canning and fair to good for juicing. Note: This cultivar has excellent strong branches, wide crotches, and is disease resistant, and therefore exceptional as a stembuilder for top working.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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