Lineage: Columbia x Melba
Introduced by: Dr. C.F. Patterson, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SKDate: 1959

Fruit 6cm, cream streaked with bright red. Late summer. very heavy yield. Fair quality for cooking and dessert, doesn't keep. Erskine recommends
"A good breeder" says Coutts 1991.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

A University of Saskatchewan introduction that appears suitable for Zones 38 and 4.
-Hort Facts, Nelson, 1976





A large cream-red blush apple with good hardiness, produces excellent quality apple juice.
-Hort Facts, Stushnoff, 1985

An apple ripening in early September growing to 2 1/4 inches under present conditions. It has good dessert quality at harvest but is not highly colored and does not store well.
-The Gardeners Bulletin, Nelson, 1964

Originated at the University of Saskatchewan by Dr. C. F. Patterson, selected in 1945, tested as A58-305, and released 1959. The tree is moderately vigorous, annually bearing, with strong crotches and a good framework. Its hardy to Zone 2b, and very resistant to fire blight. The fruit is 6 cm (2.5") in diameter, round to slightly conic, somewhat ribbed, and matures in late August to early September. The skin is moderately thick, cream to light yellow, and almost completely overlaid with bright red. The flesh is coarse, yellowish, mildly subacid, sweet and pleasant, but somewhat astringent. It is fair to good for fresh eating and cooking, but very good for juicing. It stores poorly. Note: This variety is no longer in commerce as far as I am aware.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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