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op baccata

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W.J. Boughen, Boughen Nurseries, Valley River MB.


Fruit up to 3.5cm. Earliest bearing. Prolific. "Eats like an apple."
Manchester notes •••"Blooms abundantly on new wood. Exceptionally good pollinator. Seldom winterkilled and recovers quickly. No astringency. Keeps like Rescue. Excellent canning. Has fruited at Jarvie every year since 1943 (48 years)" Not to be confused with the Preston Rosybloom of the same name.
-Edible Apples in Prairie Canada

Tree very hardy, productive at early age. Fruit roundish conic, 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/8", dark yellow striped and splashed dull red, flesh yellow, melting, sub-acid, mild flavour; season early September.
-Tree Fruits Grown in Prairie Orchards, Leslie, 1946

Originated at Valley River, Manitoba, by W. J. Boughen. The tree is semi dwarfing, rounded, precocious, and annually productive. It is hardy to Zone 1, and resistant to fire blight. The fruit is medium size, 3 cm (1 1/5in) diameter, round conic, ribbed, and matures in late August to early September. The skin is golden yellow, striped and splashed with dull red. The flesh is yellow, melting sub acid, and mild tasting. It is only fair for fresh eating and culinary uses. Note: this cultivar is fair to good for top working midseason cultivars.
-Prairie Apple Cultivars, Peters

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