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Bob Bors is the Project Leader of the Domestic Fruit Program and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences. He began in 1999 to head the Fruit Program here. Bob obtained a BSC from the University of Maryland, and a PHD from the University of Guelph. Bob's research focuses on breeding, tissue culture, propagation, disease screening, and interspecific hybridization of hort crops with emphasis on fruit and ornamentals.

Rick Sawatzky



Rick Sawatzky began working as a technician in the Horticulture Department in 1971. Rick developed Carmine Jewel, Prairie Sun, Med Mammoth, Red bounty, and Steadfast that were released in 1999. Since 1999, he works as the head technician of the Fruit Program. He has also began hosting apple grafting workshops for interested fruit growers.

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Graduate Students


James Dawson

Quantifying the content of specific phytochemicals in the fruit and leaves of Haskap (Lonicera caerulea L.).

The project will investigate the content in elite lines such as the “9” series, as well as surveying the current germplasm for lines that are rich in these bioactive compounds. These compounds include flavonols, terpenoids, cinnamic acids and anthocyanins. The project also deals with inter-organ transport of these phytochemicals and transition from leaves to fruit tissues.


Eric Gerbrandt



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